Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful parts of the wedding for the bride and groom. The couple in effect looks up to wedding vendors to help them organize the most important day of their lives. Good wedding vendors have certain qualities that help them fulfill their duties effectively, giving their client 100% satisfaction.

Here are some of the personality traits and skills that are consistent amongst the best wedding vendors in this industry:


Wedding is the most emotional and personal event in a couples life. Some people plan for their big day since childhood. Even after hiring wedding vendors, brides tend to become stressed out and overwhelmed and it gets worse as the big day approaches. It is the job of vendors to stay calm and composed in such situations and not turn into a “planzilla”. The only person who should not appear flustered on the wedding day should be the wedding vendor even when he/she knows things are falling apart. You need to calm everyone else’s nerves and always be ready with plan B. As they say. “Hope for the best and plan for the worse”, this very much applies to the wedding vendor.


Good wedding vendors need to have polished interpersonal skills because he/she spends most of the time communicating with everyone involved with the wedding. This bond with your client has to be based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. With that bond, you can help make their day memorable. Don't forget that wedding vendor is a dream team that makes this occasion very special. You will face situations whereby your coworkers and the family might push you to your limits, but you need to resist the temptation to fight back. Your personality is what people will always remember fondly.


The wedding day should be an extraordinary day for the couple, so you have to unleash the creative genius in you to wow your client with innovative ideas. You may get inspirations from books, wedding planning associations, internet, magazines, and TV shows. Spend time utilizing these resources. However, you must put your spin on those ideas and trends that you see around and apply them to your client's needs.


One skill that differentiates truly professional wedding Vendors from ordinary ones is their ability to organize things. One small forgotten detail can make a difference of two worlds in the couple's life, to create systems that guarantee everything is covered. It is you who needs to remind a couple of what should happen next, this is why you are hired. Creating checklists should be the highlight of your life if you want to be successful.


make sure you work in your client’s budget and note down every minute detail as to provide evidence as and when required. Meet deadlines! If you have to search for a piece for more than 30 minutes, know that you still need to work on this skill. The wedding is all about your client so check your ego at the door.

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