Looking for the perfect venue for your wedding can be quite a time consuming and stressful.  Everyone wants their special day to be the best day in their lives so that it becomes a cherishing memory of their life. However, while looking for a venue some things need to be considered, some people do not even know where to start from, so below is a list of things that you need to look for to ensure that you get the perfect wedding venue for your big day. 

Wedding Venue
  • Find out if the space of the venue comes with a facility director and that the coordinator is there on the big day to support you through all arrangements and ensure that everything is going as planned. Ask from a written list of the duties and responsibilities of the coordinator with his or her written agreement so that he or she is there on the wedding day to assist you before you make any formal agreement with the owner of the venue.
  • Looking for the venue that offers you and your guest's privacy to have the kind of wedding you want and suit your tastes. If you will carry out your special day in an outdoor area, such as a beach r park, you will expect strangers walking past you and some may even just stop around to congratulate you. If you want something more private, find a space where you can keep out the wedding crashers and exclusively reserve it to enjoy your special day the way you desire.
  • Remember to ask for any hidden costs while booking a wedding venue, for example, ask about the service extra charges.
  • Check properly that the venue can provide you enough space for a DJ or a band. Marble, tile or wood floors tend to throw sound more if there are not a lot of people in the venue to absorb it, which makes it important to check the wedding venue in advance to avoid any issues on your wedding day.
  • Ask the venue stuff about their corkage and alcohol-free policy. Some of the venues might have restriction to certain types of alcohol used, so make sure you find that out in advance whether it is in your right to have libations or not. Supplying the guests with your own bought alcohol can help you reduce costs, but some venues charge a corkage fee of around eight to twenty dollars per bottle. 

Now you know what to things to look for when choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day and this way you can ensure that your covenant wedding day goes on without any hitch with a perfect happy ending.


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