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I will enhance your post to make it more attractive, eye catching make your post stand out from the rest by doing this it keeps your customers engaged this means more potential new customers. Being a small business owner i know the Wedding Industry can be always on the go! that's when we come in , let us help you with your social media needs.

  • Your Business added to our listing, once added to our listing nobody can take your position.Also your listing will now have a featured-- badge and will also be in our featured section located on our homepage.
  • Secondly get one full page with business logo, bio, pictures, description of business and reviews.
  • Lastly 2 -3 weekly post's on 4 social media websites.
  • Normal post text with pictures

    • We will use the first 4 social media websites on the list below If you do not want the default social media websites available with this plan you may choose 4 to replace our default settings just please make sure to mention it in a email at thank you!
  • Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google, instagram & linkedin.
  • Google is a business page for Fresno Wedding Vendors it is not a social media website but it does have posting capabilities.
        • Every 6 months
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